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NWOffset Valley Print Shop / Print Production Facility in the Making!
Northwest Offset Print currently has a pressroom with 12 units on a 1981 Goss Metro cut down to 11” pages and two 1995 TKS color towers cut down to 11” pages on each end, two Imperial 3:2 Goss double-out folders with a 22 ¾” cut-off, as well as 4 towers on a Quad-Stack Press (capable of printing up to 17” wide tab pages) and a matching Atlas folder with an optional quarter-fold attachment, also 22 ¾” cut-off. Our new print facility will have an 8 tower, 2001 Goss Magnum Press, with 2 Universal 45 folders, one of which will have a quarter-fold attachment. As well as heat set capability on at least one web of 4 pages broadsheet, and all towers are capable of multiple page widths with a 22” cut-off,  so basically 32 pages of broadsheet in 1 pass at multiple web widths. We are able to produce small and large quantity broadsheets, quarter-folds, flexis, tabloid and long tab publications for you. Also coming mid summer of 2020, Magazine quality printing off of and M600 Press!! We're proud to continue to be your local printer!

Thank you Baker Construction and Inland Film Company!